University of Nottingham, Friday 23rd November 2007

The second UKCoRR meeting was held at the University of Nottingham on Friday 23rd November 2007.

UKCoRR is an independent body for repository managers, administrators and staff in the UK. UKCoRR aims to:

  • promote repository management as a recognised and respected profession
  • provide a forum for discussion and exchange of experience
  • represent the views and concerns of those who work with repositories in organisational, policy and strategic development

UKCoRR has a vision of the work of repository management as a professionally recognised and supported role within UK research institutions. Membership of UKCoRR is limited (with some exceptions) to those directly involved in the day-to-day activities of a repository. The meeting will provide an opportunity for UKCoRR members to meet and discuss their experiences and recent developments in the UK repository community. The Event Programme is available on request.


Please note this was an event for UKCoRR members only. Repository managers and administrators interested in joining UKCoRR should visit the membership page.

Presentations & Notes

Ahmed Abu-Zayed “Mandating e-theses: issues & barriers @ Exeter

Jackie Knowles “Names project

Christopher Pressler “Nottingham ePrints Event & OA Publication Fund

David Flanders “JISC CRIG(Common Repository Interface Group)

Catherine Jones “Versioning and Institutional Repositories: What VIF might do for you

Joss Winn “The LIROLEM Project.: Creating a repository for architectural materials

Mary Robinson “Repository Staff and Skills Set

The above presentations are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Feedback from members

Of those that completed feedback forms 57% were very happy with the day, 38% happy with 4% average and no one was unhappy with the day.

Suggestions for future events included suggestions for future topics, a suggestion to have smaller discussion groups on key issues rather than one big group discussion and more presentations/discussion of practical repository implementation.


Meeting room before hand Meeting room set up The bridge from the main campus to the QMC Bill Hubbard
Delegates Delegates Ahmed Abu-Zayed Ahmed Abu-Zayed
View out the window View out the window Jackie Knowles Jackie Knowles
Christopher Pressler Christopher Pressler David Flanders David Flaunders
Catherine Jones Catherine Jones Catherine Jones The audience listen to Joss Winn
Bill Hubbard leads discussions Bill Hubbard leads discussions

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