University of Glasgow, Friday 4th September 2015

UKCoRR Members Day 2015

UKCoRR Membership Meeting, Friday 4th September 2015, University of Glasgow, Glasgow.


10:00 Arivals, coffee

  • 10:30 Welcome – Valerie McCutcheon and William Nixon, University of Glasgow [slides]
  • 10:45 UKCoRR Update – Yvonne Budden, Chair of UKCoRR [slides]
  • 11:00 HEFCE and Open Access – Ben Johnson, HEFCE [no slides available]

11:30 Comfort break

  • 11:45 HEFCE and Open Access – Focus on Technical Infrastructure
    • EPrints – Adam Field, EPrints Services [slides]
    • Brain Storm – ‘What do we Need?
  • 12:30 Members Lightning talks:
    • LOCH (Lessons in Open Access Compliance in Higher Education) – Theo Andrew, University of Edinburgh [slides]
    • Technical Developments at the University of Lincoln – Andrew Beeken, University of Lincoln [slides]

13:00 Lunch and networking

  • 14:00 Members Lightning talks:
    • Collecting Impact in a Repository – Rose-Marie Barbeau and Michael Eadie, University of Glasgow [slides]
    • Repositories Dashboard – Nancy Pontika, CORE [slides]
    • Be Careful What You Wish For – Unexpected Policy Consequences – Danny Kingsley, University of Cambridge [slides]
  • 14:45 Jisc UpdateHelen Blanchett and Balviar Notay, Jisc [slides]
  • 15:15 Proposed UKCoRR Statement on the use of Sherpa FACT – Torsten Reimer, Imperial College London
  • 15:30 Speakers Panel Discussion – All Speakers

15:55 Closing remarks and Close

One thought on “University of Glasgow, Friday 4th September 2015

  1. […] A couple of weeks ago I attended the UKCORR (UK Council of Research Repositories) members day with my UoL colleague Paul Stainthorp. We did a bit of a presentation to discuss the Research Bridge project I’m working on here at the University. UKCORR have put my presentation up online in PDF format – you can find it here. If you’re interested in reading any of the other presentations from the day, you can find them here. […]

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